Photography comes in many shapes and sizes. While a hobby in its own right, I find it blends very well with my other interests. The vast majority of photos on this website represent the hurried moment, captured for posterity. Hopefully I've done those moments justice.

Going hiking is an excellent way of exploring, and I've outlined some of the trips that I've been on. This does mean that there is no waiting around for that perfect moment of course, but then I'm not fussed!

There are several important questions that everyone should ask themselves. The first is: Where do I want to be? The world is full of little hidden gems crying out for attention. Therefore, part of this website includes walk directions, together with a photo gallery.

The second question is: What do I want to eat, in order to get me there? Now some say I have a sweet tooth, which is hard to dispute although I do try. The recipe section of this website concentrates on the dessert side of food. There is nothing better on a walk than to take some cake along for a picnic. Well, perhaps some hot stew on a freezing walk, but it would be close.

Quite a few of the adventure pages contain either a panoramic display or a montage so that you can see an alternative presentation of what the location had to offer. Obviously, they have been significantly compressed for this website.


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  • April 2012

    There have been lots of changes to the layout of the website, but also it has now moved to it's new domain.

    It has still a bit of an unfinished quality, with not all walks information uploaded. There are also plenty of missing adventures for 2008 and 2009, as well as the bigger trips of 2010 and 2011.

    I hope you like what you can actually see, and that the rest will be done shortly!

  • September 2012

    After a summer break, there is now a video section to the website. With only a small selection of action, it'll be expanded before too long. The same hopefully goes for the rest of the website.

    There are lots of Canada photos to come, once they've all been neatly arranged into webpages!

  • November 2012

    There have been several new walk routes added to the Brecon Beacons regional page. Fan Fawr takes in a mountain top before heading to Pontneddfechan past several pretty waterfalls. Lord Herefords Knob is in the Black Mountains, south of Hay on Wye. It offers spectacular views.

    Although the Pembrokeshire regional page is not yet complete, the Preseli Hills walk is now available. Further work to come!

  • April 2013

    If you haven't already seen it, checkout the Waterfalls Video, taken in the Neath Valley. Normally impressive waterfalls have been made even more spectacular by the heavy rainfall. This goes to show that even on a rainy day, things can look amazing on camera!

    Recent updates include the Florence and Pisa photos. The view from the Tower of Pisa is a shrunken version of a 213MP photo.

© Rhodri L T Bevan