Lord Herefords Knob

Map: OS (1:25K) Explorer 13 Brecon Beacons East (1:50K) Landranger 161 The Black Mountains

Linear walk, although circular variations are possible from Talgarth

Start Point: Three Cocks on A438 (SO174378)

End Point: Talgarth (SO155338)

Distance: 16.7km / 10.4 miles Ascent: 703m Descent: 666m (Linear hike)

Walking Directions

Starting from the bus stop at SO174378, head up the minor road until the crossroads. Turn right and walk along until faced with a corner off to the right, and a large gate into a field in front. Go through the gate, following the footpath marked on the map. As it's a field, the way is not obvious, but head up towards the pylon and the footpath gate should become visible in front. Continue through the next field and then through the third gate onto the road. On the other side of the road is a not-so-new gate (SO183374). Head along the footpath to Felindre. As you approach a private track, you dont want the turning into the yard but instead a small path over the river beyond it. There is a footpath sign to guide you. Once in the village, head south-east until SO187364 where a bridleway heads into the forest. Follow the track until a muddy track appears off to the left (SO191367). Although marked on my map as a track, it is more footpath sized and definitely not for vehicles. This will lead you eventually to the road at SO202356. Turn right, and along the road until the common land begins. Now take the footpath which heads up the flank of Lord Herefords Knob. If you don't wish to zig-zag, you can head straight up to the top.

Once on the ridge, head south-westwardly along the edge. At SO204326, there is a gate through a fence. Several paths meet here, and one descends along the edge of Cwm Cwnstab. This is the one you want. It was being done up in October 2012, so should be nice and easy to follow. At SO188333, the route rejoins the road briefly. Turn left and head south for 200-300m and there is a footpath off to the right. This footpath deviates a little on the ground from what is on my map, but the styles are relatively easy to find. The path passes to the south of Beiliau-Bach house, along the edge of a garden. Keep heading westwards, past Berth-fedw cottages, and you will emerge on the road at SO164332. We couldn't spot the footpath on the other side of the road, and so followed the road into Talgarth.

Hike Profile

Hike Gradient


There are several routes which would head out of Talgarth in a north-east direction to join the outlined path either in Felindre or further south. The overall distance would be similar.

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Notable Features and Highlights

Lord Hereford's Knob

At 810m, Waun Fach is the highest peak in the Black Mountains. Although not on the route, it is clearly visible off to the south once on the ridge. Lord Hereford's Knob peak is a more modest 685m.

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