Map: OS (1:25K) Explorer 13 Brecon Beacons East (1:50K) Landranger 161 The Black Mountains

Linear walk, although long circular variations are possible

Start Point: Glangrwyney on A40 (SO239163)

End Point: Abergavenny (SO297145)

Distance: 14.2km Ascent: 571m Descent: 587m (Linear hike)

Walking Directions

From Glangrwynwy, head northwards on the footpath from SO239163 until joining the road at SO241171. Turn right and follow the road to the junction. Take the right and then the next left at SO242170. After approx 800m (SO248173), turn right and head along the footpath/track in an easterly direction. Be careful when you come to the track junction (SO254175) as you want the bridleway which heads through the field north of the track (in a general north-easterly direction). After passing through numerous field boundaries, you should arrive at the junction with a footpath at SO260183. Turn left (westwardly) and follow the path for 500m until the next junction. From SO256183, take the bridleway up onto the ridge and to the top of Sugarloaf.

From the peak (at 596m), descend along the north-eastward leading footpath which starts at SO273187 and continues through the bracken from SO276188 as a dotted track. This track might not be obvious, initially, as it is concealed by the bracken. It is several metres across and rather obvious when you come across it. No worries if you parallel it, just take a compass bearing and you'll come to the right place. The right place being the wall marking the edge of the open access land at SO285197. From here, head south-south-west along the footpath, taking the second left at SO283192. Follow the path which will turn into a track and then keep to the edge of the open land until the corner at SO293174. Head southwards before taking the footpath through the woodland. It will be uneven underfoot! Once at the road (SO292166) simply follow southwards into Abergavenny.

Hike Profile

Hike Gradient


There is a circular option (14km, Ascent/Descent 589m), taking in Sugarloaf itself. It starts at Abergavenny and retraces the route to the top of Sugarloaf. From the peak, take the south-westward track which follows one of the ridges down. Head down via Mynydd Llanwenarth to the road at SO278162. From here it is along minor roads back to the start.

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Notable Features and Highlights

Sugarloaf / Y Fâl

At 596m, Sugar Loaf is the lowest peak in the Black Mountains. It has views of the Black Mountains to the north, the rest of the Brecon Beacons to the east and eastwards into England. Southwards lies the Usk Valley.

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